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The 7 Grandfather Teachings

The 7 Grandfather Teachings, also known as the Seven Sacred Teachings, are a set of principles that originated with the Anishinaabe people of North America and are also shared by other Indigenous nations. These teachings serve as a guide for living a good life in harmony with oneself, others, and the natural world.

1. Wisdom

The first teaching is wisdom, which is the ability to make good decisions based on knowledge and experience. It involves understanding the interconnectedness of all things and recognizing the impact of our actions on others and the environment. Wisdom is gained through learning from elders, seeking knowledge, and reflecting on our experiences.

We are incredibly grateful for the many family and friends who have helped us raise strong, kind, and respectful children. Among these mentors is my father-in-law, a member of the Gros Ventre tribe in north central Montana, who has shared many valuable lessons with our children. Through his stories, he has taught them the importance of perseverance, curiosity, and finding joy in everyday moments. His attentive listening and wise words have inspired our children to be mindful of the world around them and to approach life with a growth mindset.

Our father-in-law's love for storytelling has been especially impactful. He often shares stories from his own past and encourages our children to share their own stories as well. This practice not only helps our children learn about their family history and cultural traditions but also provides them with opportunities to learn from their own experiences and to develop their own sense of wisdom.

Overall, we feel fortunate to have such a wise and caring mentor in our children's lives. Our father-in-law's teachings have helped our children grow into compassionate and resilient individuals, and his presence has enriched our family's cultural heritage and traditions. We are deeply grateful for his influence and hope to continue learning from him for many years to come.

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